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Working 50 Plus

Welcome to the Working 50 Plus website. Working 50 Plus was formed in April 2008, as a self help group for people aged 50 and over. We are based in Brighton & Hove but also have members from surrounding areas of Sussex. The objectives of the group are to promote the wellbeing of those members who may wish to get back into employment.

The group has two complementary activities:

  1. Getting Back to Work
  2. Providing Social Activities

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, at the Cornerstone Centre in Hove. For dates, see our Group Events page.

Back to Work

In 2015 a report from the Department for Work and Pensions showed that employment of workers over the age of 50 has grown significantly over the past decades. Of course, it must be noted that these statistics contain a high proportion of part-time work.

DWP Employment Statistics, People aged 50 and over, 1984 to 2015 DWP 50+ Statistics

The table below shows the growth of employment rates:

Group1984 Employment Rate2015 Employment Rate
People Aged 50 to 6455.4%69.6%
People Aged 65 and Over4.9%10.2%
People Aged 70 to 745.5%9.9%
Women Aged 55 to 5948.6%68.9%
Women Aged 60 to 6417.7%40.7%

This trend is encouraging, particularly for women, showing that employers are more willing to employ older people. However, more can be done.

It is very beneficial getting back to work, not just financially. Employment also brings improvements in well being and mental health.

Social Activities

Employed people, particularly men, will often socialise with work colleagues. Unfortunately, this can slow or even stop when you become unemployed.

In addition to helping people get back to work, the Working50Plus group provides a range of social activities. This includes meals together and trips out.

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